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Shinichi Ito.Founder and CEO, SION Co., Ltd.Group CEO, SION Group


Our strength is to create content that can share rich time as a public television program. Experienced specialists possess excellent skills such as the direction of the TV program, production, shooting, and editing.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to create new soft contents, aiming to be number one in the industry. The information revolution has progressed, and at the same time, the paradigm shift in the industry is progressing rapidly. As Japan's leading video production company, we are also committed to expanding the services to the digital that we need in the future and educating our people. Also, we are currently diversifying into a comprehensive entertainment group. In addition to TV program production, we will strategically proceed with expanding beyond video production company, which we have never seen before, as well as HR business, high-quality video editing center, digital marketing business, expanding the business to China and so on. As a result of growing creative talents, we have been able to challenge new business, start-up investment and incubation.

As SION group, while taking advantage of past experience, we will strive to create attractive new value without dwelling on the past To that end, we will keep pushing forward with our business by considering management reform that is always required. We appreciate you as we are keeping ourselves, we will keep pushing forward with our business. continuous continued support and looking forward to working with you.

Shinichi Ito
Founder and CEO, SION Co., Ltd.
Group CEO, SION Group

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HistoryHistory of company

March, 1991

Established TV-SION Ltd.,

August, 1991

Moved office to Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Succeeded New Year's Eve Nippon Television Network 's, Four Crown King Capturing Program "Urabangumi wo buttobase!" and it contribute to the acquisition of the four crown king.

October, 1995

Organization change to TV SION Co., Ltd.

March, 1999

Established Number One Ltd., a group company to provide coordination & research business in China

March, 1993

Received a letter of appreciation from Nippon Television Network Corporation

August, 2000

Production program "Guruguru ninety nine" received presidential encouragement award from Nippon Television Network Corporation

November, 2000

Moved office to Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

August, 2002

Production program "Nainaisize!" received the COO Encouragement Prize from Nippon Television Network Corporation

November, 2003

Moved office to Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo for business expansion

January, 2005

Organization change to Number Ones Co., Ltd. instead of Number Ones Ltd.,

September, 2005

Production program "24 Hour TV" received a letter of appreciation from Nippon Television Network Corporation

December, 2005

Established Allvision Ltd., a group company to run editorial studios and execute MA projects

December, 2006

Changed company name to SION Co., Ltd.

January, 2007

Organization change to Allvision Ltd., instead of Allvision Co., Ltd.

August 2008

Acquire general worker dispatching undertaking license

September 2008

Established media development department

November 2008

Established Number Ones Co., Ltd. Beijing office in China

June, 2009

Moved office to Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo

October, 2009

Established Web service company, Content Bridge Co., Ltd. as a group company

March, 2011

20 years anniversary

March, 2011

Organization change to Number Ones's Beijing office as subsidiary company

February, 2012

Established PV production and video streaming service, Samurai Vision Co., Ltd as a group company

January, 2013

Received the Valuable Contents Production Award from Nippon Television Network Corporation

June, 2013

Establish Hong Kong branch as Number Ones Co., Ltd. as a group company

April, 2015

Moved office to Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

May, 2015

Changed company name to Fly Media Co., Ltd. instead of Number Ones Co., Ltd.

July, 2015

Established HR service company, SION Staff Service Co., Ltd. as a group company

October, 2016

Established Digital marketing company, Digital Ad Asia Co, Ltd

January, 2018

Moved office to Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

December, 2018

Started to provide video production services

October, 2019

Renamed SION STAFF SERVICE Co., Ltd. a group company to SION STAGE Co., Ltd.

January, 2020

Business alliance with "KOTOMUSUBI" begins.

April, 2020

Started to provide YouTube Channel setup and operating services.

ProfileCompany Profile

Company name
SION Co., Ltd.
March, 1991
Paid in capital
Total number of employees in the group 267 (83 employees at SION Co., Ltd.)

- HQ
10 Floor, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, 2-10-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0006
TEL +813-6206-3080 FAX +813-6206-3081

- Beijing Office
A-2109 U-Space Building, No.8 Guangqumenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100028, China
TEL: +8610-5861-2349 FAX: +8610-5861-2308

Founder and CEO
Shinichi Ito
Yuji Unno
VP Officer
Kimie Suzuki, Masanao Iwamoto, Kosei Sakai
Hidetoshi Sasaki, Yoshihiro Tokiwa, Shoko Hono, Masako Takahashi, Daisuke Tomita, Akiko Suganuma, Kohei Yamaguchi
Officer/Executive Producer
Hiroaki Koke, Yoshihiro Koshio
Class II sanitation manager
Emi Matsuhashi
Produce and Production of TV Program, Produce and Production of DVD, Internet video streaming, Music Original Lights, Overseas Video Contents Sales, China shooting coordination
MUFG Bank, Kojimachi Chuo Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Kojimachi Branch
Our clients
Major commercial television companies, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Yoshimoto Kogyo, BS Broadcasting Companies, CS Broadcasting Companies, SONY, VAP, Dentsu, Daiko, China Central Television(CCTV), China Beijing TV Station
Tax accountant F.T.A Partners (TEL +813-3863-9771)
Social insurance labor consultant
Keiko Yasuda
General Counsel
Masahiko Josaki, Tokyo Tobu Law Office (TEL +813-3634-5311)
Antiquary merchant, Liquor wholesale license, General labor temporary business operator
Member organization
ATP(Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies)

LocationHQ Location

  • JR Yamanote Line and Keihin-Tohoku Line "Yurakucho Station", 1-minute walk from Kyobashi/Chuo(Ginza side) Exit
  • Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line - "Yurakucho Station", 1-minute walk from Exit D8 or "Ginza-itchome Station", 1-minute walk from Exit 2
  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line - "Ginza Station", 3-minute walk from Exit C9
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line - "Ginza Station", 3-minutes walk from Exit C9
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line - "Ginza Station", 3-minute walk from Exit C9
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line - "Hibiya Station", 8-minute walk from Exit D8
  • Toei Mita Line - "Hibiya Station" 5-minute walk from Exit D8



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